Marbres de France

The “Marbres de France” quarries are located, in Saint Pons de Thomières in the south-west of France (Languedoc-Roussillon). Renowned since antiquity, they have been artisanally operated for centuries and since the beginning of the  twentieth century with modern extraction techniques.

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Our Marbles

On our 150 acres site, 7 different colors and textures are extracted in 4 separate quarries. These quarries are operated in successive stages. Each color is delimited by a fault zone made up of schists.
The different bearings allow a selective extraction, following the directions of the veining, thus ensuring the production of homogeneous blocks according to their color and their veining.

Our Achievements

Thanks to its technical and aesthetic qualities, the Marble of Saint Pons allows artists and carvers to set their imagination free. In terms of interior and exterior layout, the quarries of “Marbres de France” provide professionals with a wide range of ornamental and decorative elements. (eg basins, kitchen and bathroom worktops, stairs, furniture tops, wall claddings, paving, bathroom surround, ….)

Our Products

Marble of France proposes you slabs and blocks stemming from his quarries but also from products of the other sites.


Paris Deco Off show from January 16 to 20, 2020

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Nights at La Carrière des Marbres de France

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