Marble of France: The TOVP in India

In the shrine of St. Peter in the Vatican, the columns of the Mosque of Cordoba, the King’s Bedchamber at the Palace of Versailles, the cathedral of Narbonne, the marble of Saint-Pons is present in varous emblematic locations.
Extracted since ancient times, the quality and richness of its palette of colors have greatly contributed to its reputation that led to its recognition in India. Sadbhuja Das, General Director of the TOVP (Temple of the Vedic Planetarium) ordered 450 tons of red marble blocks from Saint Pons.
The marble will be used to decorate the gigantic temple currently under construction. Composed of three domes and three small cupolas, the temple will reach the height of 113 meters, which is comparable to St. Peter  of Rome (138 m) and St. Paul  of London (111 m).